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Panakam | Panakam Recipe

Panakam | Panakam Recipe with step-by-step pictures. Panakam is a typical south Indian body cooler drink. The simple yet healthy ingredients give refreshment and instantly cools down our body

Grill Chicken Recipe | Oven Roasted Chicken

Grill Chicken Recipe | Oven Roasted  Chicken Recipe with step-by-step pictures.Juicy Grill chicken recipe is made with Chicken legs marinated in Indian spices

Murungakkai Rasam Recipe | Drumstick Rasam Recipe

Murungakkai Rasam Recipe | Drumstick Rasam Recipe with step-by-step pictures. This murungakkai rasam is a traditional south Indian style rasam recipe with the unique flavor and smell of drumstick

Vanilla Buttercream Recipe | American Buttercream

Vanilla Buttercream Recipe with step-by-step pictures. This simple and smooth buttercream frosting recipe is used as icing for cakes and cupcake recipes.

Vanilla Cupcake Recipe | How to make cupcakes

Moist vanilla cupcake recipe with step-by-step pictures.This simple recipe is soft, moist, and rich. This vanilla cupcake is a perfect birthday, holiday, or party time recipe.

Kids Friendly Immune Booster Cookies

Immunity – The most searched word in the past 8 months. As a parent, we take the responsibility to give the essential nutrients and much-needed immunity for our babies in whichever way possible. The hardest part is to make them …

Wheat Banana Choco Chip Cookies

Chewy Whole wheat Banana choco-chip cookies have a soft shortbread-like texture. You will never say “No” to an overripe banana after trying this delicious recipe.

Spicy Chicken Rasam

Spicy chicken rasam is one of the best comforting food for both babies and adults. This can be taken as soup or as rasam with hot steamed rice.

Cool Refreshing Watermelon mojito

A Cool Refreshing Watermelon mojito is a perfect drink to splash the heat. The min and lemony flavor help to boost up the energy on hot sunny days.

No Bake Mango Cheese Cake

Mouthwatering “Mango Cheese Cake” with cheese and mango filled layer on top and crunchy cookie layer at the bottom is a Bliss.