Smooth Chocolate Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter is a healthy and protein-rich substitute for weight watchers. This variation of chocolate Peanut Butter makes the recipe more interesting and yummy.

Sweet Potato Fries For kids

Sweet Potatoes are loaded with Vitamins and Beta-Carotene, it is a very good first food for babies and works great in baby weight gain. It is also one of the best finger food for babies.

Cool Refreshing Watermelon mojito

A Cool Refreshing Watermelon mojito is a perfect drink to splash the heat. The min and lemony flavor help to boost up the energy on hot sunny days.

Kids Friendly Immune Booster Cookies

Immunity – The most searched word in the past 8 months. As a parent, we take the responsibility to give the essential nutrients and much-needed immunity for our babies in whichever way possible. The hardest part is to make them eat nutritious food. I use to find all the nook and corners to somehow feed...

Crispy Honey Gobi/Cauliflower

Indo-Chinese “Honey Gobi” recipe. Fried gobi tossed into chili tomato sauce and honey.

Spicy Chicken Rasam

Spicy chicken rasam is one of the best comforting food for both babies and adults. This can be taken as soup or as rasam with hot steamed rice.