Hello, I am Ranjani, a food-loving person. Like the tagline says “To inspire your inner chef” this blog is to encourage everyone to cook innovative multinational cuisines in a simple and easy way. I know one of the hardest parts of our life is to feed the baby. So, you will find a lot of kid-friendly recipes in a more appetizing way.

About my family

Happily married to Senthamizhan my powerhouse all the time and a proud mother of energy bomb Naviran.

About the blog

I started cooking from my school days and always love to add a little magic element in everyday cooking. I used to test my recipes on my brother. He was my critic for the budding chef inside me. Now, my husband took up the position.

My hobby cooking turned into my passion now. It’s a wonderful experience to see our loved ones tummy filled with our handmade goodies. Wanted to give and share the same experience with you all and yes a big step in my career.

Stay appetite for more interesting recipes. Hope you will enjoy my blog and your valuable ideas are most welcome.